The United Republic of Tanzania
Ministry of Finance

Tax Revenue Appeals Board (TRAB)

Core Values

In discharging its mandate, TRAB shall be guided by the following six (6) core values to define its desired organisational culture:

i. Professionalism: We shall adhere to the set values that comprise of the professional obligations, codes of conduct and both formal and informal expectations of customers in our service delivery.

ii. Timely justice: We shall endeavor to ensure that appeals brought before it are adjudicated expeditiously to enhance rule of law in Tax administration.

iii. Innovativeness: We shall always think on how we can improve and add extra value by doing things differently, continuously looking out for ways to do things better and work with new ideas

iv. Participatory management: We shall strive to encourage employees to participate in the Institution’s decision making process.

v. Integrity: We shall be guided by ethical principles, honesty and uprightness in all our work relationship and decisions.

vi. Teamwork: We shall recognize the diverse strengths and abilities of the various employees apply and put those attributes to work for the benefit of the Institution.